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R74035.03 RAINFREE adult raincoat in the cover, yellow
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Recommanded price: €4.08 excl. VAT
adult raincoat in the cover
Dimensions 123 x 100 x 0,2 cm
Imprint Pad print A4, on the case, 40x40 mm, 1
R74018.08 RAINCOAT foldable raincoat with key ring, red
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In stock, 1106 pcs
Recommanded price: €1.04 excl. VAT
foldable raincoat with key ring
Materialplastic, foil
Dimensions 6,5 x 6,5 x 6,5 cm
Imprint Pad print A2, on the box - side 1, 25x25 mm, 4
Pad print A2, on the box - side 2, 25x25 mm, 4
R74038.03 RAINBEATER children raincoat in a case, yellow
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In stock, 2135 pcs
Recommanded price: €3.65 excl. VAT
children raincoat in a case
MaterialEVA, polyester
Dimensions 105 x 75 x 0,2 cm
Imprint Screen print B6, on the box, 80x100 mm, 4
R74009.04 SLICKER raincoat, blue
In stock, 1107 pcs
Recommanded price: €13.60 excl. VAT
Dimensions 105 x 75 x 0,2 cm
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