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R22824.13 EDGAR bamboo phone stand, beige
In stock, 4664 pcs
Recommanded price: €2.77 excl. VAT
bamboo phone stand
Materialbamboo, paper
Dimensions 125 x 84 x 17 mm
R64308.02 CELLFIRM phone holder, black
In stock, 1912 pcs
Recommanded price: €2.34 excl. VAT
phone holder
Materialplastic, rubber, metal
Dimensions 44 x 44 x 35 mm
Imprint Laser engraving L2, on the top, 20x50 mm, 1
Laser engraving L2, metal plate, 25x25 mm, 1
Laser engraving L2, rubber holder, 20x20 mm, 1
R64327 CRYSTAL waterproof phone case, transparent/blue
In stock, 3801 pcs  
Recommanded price: €2.14 excl. VAT
waterproof phone case
Dimensions 130 x 205 x 7 mm
Imprint Pad print A4, outside cover (XL inprint), 50x80 mm, 1
R73416.08 CELLREADY ballpoint pen, red
In stock, 1744 pcs
Recommanded price: €0.22 excl. VAT
ballpoint pen
Dimensions 145 x 11 x 11 mm
Imprint Pad print A0, on the side 1, 45x7 mm, 4
Pad print A0, on the side 2, 45x7 mm, 4
Pad print A0, under the clip, 40x8 mm, 4
R64298.02 MOBILEFIT mobile holder, black
In stock, 4400 pcs
Recommanded price: €3.48 excl. VAT
mobile holder
MaterialABS, PC
Dimensions 100 x 95 x 70 mm
R64249.04 SAVONA notebook with organizer, blue
In stock, 1795 pcs  
Recommanded price: €7.17 excl. VAT
notebook with organizer
MaterialPU, paper
Dimensions 106 x 180 x 3 mm
R64297.02 GIMO stand for mobile phone, black
In stock, 4824 pcs
Recommanded price: €2.52 excl. VAT
stand for mobile phone
Dimensions 77 x 145 x 107 mm
R22825.13 TIMARU bamboo phone holder, beige
In stock, 3920 pcs
Recommanded price: €2.52 excl. VAT
bamboo phone holder
Dimensions 80 x 130 x 85 mm
R22826.13 LUCA callendar with organizer, beige
In stock, 129 pcs
Recommanded price: €11.33 excl. VAT
callendar with organizer
Dimensions 120 x 54 x 73 mm
R22828.13 KEYHOLD bamboo keyring with phone stand, beige
In stock, 4972 pcs  
Recommanded price: €1.19 excl. VAT
bamboo keyring with phone stand
Materialbamboo, metal
Dimensions 60 x 26 x 15 mm
R22829.13 STANDFAST phone or tablet stand, beige
In stock, 13474 pcs
Recommanded price: €1.98 excl. VAT
phone or tablet stand
Dimensions 60 x 79 x 19 mm
R64293.02 MAGNETO side mount phone holder clip, black
In stock, 614 pcs
Recommanded price: €3.60 excl. VAT
side mount phone holder clip
Materialplastic, metal
Dimensions 120 x 30 x 6 mm
R64294.02 HALO tripod with LED light, black
In stock, 50 pcs
Recommanded price: €15.60 excl. VAT
tripod with LED light
MaterialABS, metal
Dimensions 300 x 307 x 300 mm
R64296.02 LEVIN phone holder, black
In stock, 9413 pcs
Recommanded price: €3.69 excl. VAT
phone holder
Materialaluminium, silicon
Dimensions 38 x 58 x 40 mm
R08161.02 PORTAR organizer for electronic accessories, black
In stock, 1046 pcs
Recommanded price: €10.07 excl. VAT
organizer for electronic accessories
Material600 D polyester
Dimensions 360 x 270 x 20 mm
R17852.13 SIGI magnetic car phone holder, beige
In stock, 2627 pcs
Recommanded price: €3.58 excl. VAT
magnetic car phone holder
Materialbamboo, ABS plastic
Dimensions 40 x 58 x 35 mm
sold out
R64291.02 AMES phone stand, black
sold out
Recommanded price: €4.20 excl. VAT
phone stand
Materialmetal, plastic
Dimensions 100 x 180 x 100 mm
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